San Gil, Mar 14 – Last Training Day

15 March, 2016 at 7:25 pm

img_2241Today was our last day of training in San Gil. It went quickly and smoothly, and we ended early so we could go through the graduation ceremony.
The ceremony itself went well, all our trainees received three certificates for their efforts, as well as a gift. We presented the Commandant with the turnout gear we brought from Canada. There were many words of thanks, both in english and in spanish, and then a big group picture outside in front of the fire trucks.

One of the local fire departments who attended our training, the San Hose department, graciously invited us to their town for dinner. It was amazing. We ate like kings and enjoyed their hospitality until they were called away to a forest fire.
While they went off to work we were treated to a tour of the local sugar cane farm, where we saw how sugar cane is processed.

Once back it town we found out it was the birthday of one of our San Gil bomberos, so off we went to celebrate at the local dance club. Always something going on, always fun.