Deployment 2015

Colombia 2014 (Deployment #2)

Congratulations to Matthew Leonard and Al Gartner on completing our 2nd deployment to Colombia in 2014. The week of training is done and all went well. Our team demonstrated, or described every skill on the Justice Institute of BC: Basic Firefighting Certificate checklist, and explained each purpose. We had every Bombero (20 or so) tie knots, do hose loads, set ladders, conduct a primary search and rescue a downed firefighter in SCBA.  The Colombian Bomberos enjoyed their time and our team members were taken care of tremendously well. This is a great example of our relationship in Colombia growing and expanding, based on shared passions around serving and protecting the communities we all serve.

Certificates presented at the end of training.

Certificates presented at the end of training.

Colombia Fall 2014


FRITA deployment poster announcing our intake of applications for the next round of international training deployments, 1 in the Fall of 2014 and 4 in early 2015. The closing date is September 30th and for those of you who have previously deployed, a simple email indicating your countries of interest and availability will suffice instead of resume.


ADVISORY: Date change for Colombia 2014. The revised dates for the Colombia 2014 deployment are November 2nd to November 9th, 2014.

If you have the ability to print & distribute this poster in your respective fire departments (two sizes are below), please let me know as we like to keep track of which departments have been included.

Deployment Poster 2015 8×11        Deployment Poster 2015 11×17

Look forward to working with you as we begin planning for another successful and rewarding deployment season.

Brian Hutchinson
Fire Rescue International Training Association