Peru (Pisac) Deployment Wrap-up 2018

18 November, 2018 at 2:19 pm

The FRITA team of three instructors; Matthew Witt (Surrey Fire Service), Norm Macleod (Mission Fire & Rescue Services), and Derek Dickson (North Vancouver City Fire Department) have just completed their 2018 deployment to Pisac, Peru. During the 10 day deployment, many topics were covered and skills were reviewed and built upon.

Another successful deployment focused on meeting the needs of our in-country partners, and of building on the bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood between the Canadian fire service and that of Peru. Thanks to Rob Kilburn at Guillevin for the donated flashlights and balaclavas.

Peru 1 2018 Peru 2 2018 Peru 3 2018 Peru 4 2018 Peru Presentation 2018