11 December, 2016 at 12:07 pm

As we wish everyone the best of the holiday season, and happy New Year, FRITA also has reason to celebrate. As 2017 draws near, FRITA has 35 members committed to six international deployments to five countries. We have Belize, Chile, Colombia (X2), El Salvador, and Venezuela all scheduled for the new year.

FRITA instructors hail from across Canada and the United States, with participating members from Vancouver (British Columbia), Montreal (Quebec), and St. Johns (Newfoundland).

This announcement comes on the heals of our recent inaugral deployment to Anguilla, which was our sixth and final deployment for 2016, where our training team worked closely with the Anguilla Fire & Rescue Services to put in place the foundation for a long-term, collaborative realtionship.

Flag Presentation in Santa Marta

Flag Presentation in Santa Marta