2016 Deployments

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Our final deployment of 2016 occured from November 26th through to December 2nd in the Carribean nation of Anguilla.

With over 40 members of the Anguilla Fire & Rescue Services participating in a five day, 40 hour training session the majority of fire service members for this nation of 14,000 were able to be engaged and involved. This relationship began in September of 2015, and in the ensuing year much communication took place to put all the pieces in place and to work out the deployment logistics.





Overall, the FRITA training team of four members were impressed with the level of enthusiasm demonstrated by the AFRS members and look forward to continuing to build upon this inaugral deployment for future years.




Fire Station Visit

Fire Station Visit


2016 Deployments Underway!

Belize – Our One World Scholarship program, a joint venture in its 6th year between FRITA, the JIBC, and the Irving K Barber Foundation, is in their second week of being in-country in Belize. The 5 graduates of the JIBC Firefighting Technologies Certificate program and FRITA instructor Kim Saulnier have been travelling the country visiting fire stations, learning about the Belize National Fire Service, and sharing training techniques. The remainder of our Belize team will be in-country by Friday February 26th to begin the 10 day training program. Visit the One World Scholars Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/theoneworldscholarship/

El Salvador – Team has arrived and will begin training on Monday February 22nd.

Chile – Team departs Tuesday February 23rd and will begin training shortly thereafter.

Panama and Colombia deployments both beginning in mid-March: standby for updates from those teams.

As always, our FRITA instructors and Team Leads work to post updates on the FRITA Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/FireRescueInternationalTrainingAssociation/


Upcoming FRITA Deployments

Within the next month, FRITA will be deploying 35 Fire Service members from across Canada and the United States to 5 partner countries including: Belize, Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, & Panama. We wish our deploying members all the very best. Teams are listed below.

BELIZE (February 26, 2015 to March 6, 2016) – 6 Instructors +5 One World Scholarship = 11

Brian Hutchinson – District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services.

Kim Saulnier – Coquitlam Fire/Rescue.

Denis Murru – Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services.

Charles Mulder – Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services.

Eric Froesse – Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services.

David Ayton – Delta Fire/Rescue.

One World Scholars (JIBC Firefighting Technologies Certificate Program):

  • Jacob Woronuik - Recruit Class #2-2015
  • Arseni Oursov – Recruit Class #4-2015
  • Sean Campbell – Recruit Class #1-2015
  • Cody DiSalvo – Recruit Class #3-2015
  • David Mathieson – Recruit Class #4-2015

CHILE (February 25th to March 7th, 2016) – 4 Personnel

Matthew Witt – Surrey Fire Service

Cristian Toribio- Panama Bomberos

Brian Bogdanovich – Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services

Serge Kaminsky – NFPA 1001 Grad


COLOMBIA (March 11th to March 20th, 2016) – 5 Personnel

Bill Eggers – Nanaimo Fire Rescue Department

Dave Derkson – Chilliwack Fire Dept.

Juan Gabriel Acero – Chilliwack Fire Dept.

Amy Berry – Peachland Fire Dept.

Erica Weight – Chilliwack Fire Dept.


EL SALVADOR (February 19, 2015 to February 28th, 2016) – 7 Personnel

Norm MacLeod – Mission Fire/Rescue Service

Jeffrey Moore – Honorary Consul of El Salvador

Scott Woron – NFPA 1001 Grad

Mike Judd – JIBC

Richard Pala – Saanich Fire & Rescue

Juan Gomez Contreras – Richmond Fire/Rescue

Al Gartner – Previously deployed El Salvador & Colombia


PANAMA (March 11th to March 20th, 2016) – 7 Personnel

Kiko Pilas – Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services

Brent Cowx – JIBC (Retired Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)

Jorgen Ponsioen – Whitehorse Fire Department

Daniel Archambault – Montreal Fire Dept.

Gregg Van De Creek – Manhatten Fire Department

Pete McRae – Greensboro Fire Department

Chris Hale – Innisfail Fire & Rescue Department



FRITA deployment poster announcing our intake of applications for the next round of international training deployments. Closing date is September 30th. For FRITA members who have previously deployed, an email indicating your areas of expertise/interest and countries of preference will suffice, no resume or work reference is required.

FRITA Poster 2016

If you have the ability to print & distribute this poster in your respective fire departments, please let me know as we like to keep track of which departments have been included.

Deployment Poster 2015 11×17

Look forward to working with you as we begin planning for another successful and rewarding deployment season.

Matthew Witt
Fire Rescue International Training Association