About Fire Rescue International Training Association


“The Fire Rescue International Training Association” (FRITA) was formed to be an entity solely focused on the delivery of training-based international aid.

The Board of FRITA is comprised of individuals with extensive international experience managing or leading cumulatively over 25 deployments of fire service professionals to El Salvador, Paraguay, Thailand, Peru, and Panama. The origins of our efforts date back to 1994 with an initial shipment of donated equipment to El Salvador. Our belief is that shared knowledge through training has the greatest value for our brothers and sisters serving their communities as first responders in countries around the world. By establishing true partnerships with each recipient country’s national fire service agencies, we aim to meet their needs in a collaborative manner. Our teams of Canadian fire service instructors come from a wide variety of fire departments from across the country.

Our goal is to develop long term partnerships that will benefit your fire fighters and the communities they serve. For further information please see our contact list.”


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