2015 Deployments

Good Luck to the 2015 Deployments!!

The following four deployments are fast approaching. Thanks to the team members for stepping forward and contributing to our international development efforts.


Colombia (Feb.13-22)

Chris Driessen (Coquitlam Fire/Rescue)

William Heng (JIBC Grad)

Eric Picher (Lions Bay Fire/Rescue)

Tim Hannan (Lions Bay Fire/Rescue)


Belize (Feb.20-Mar.1)

Brian Hutchinson (Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)

Denis Murru (Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)

Bill Eggers (Nanaimo Fire/Rescue)

Kai Jones (Surrey Fire Service)

Mike Canaday (Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)

Kiko Pilas (Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)

Eric Froesse (Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)


El Salvador (Feb.20-Mar.1)

Norm MacLeod (Mission Fire/Rescue)

Rich Rangers (Mission Fire/Rescue)

Scott Lanseidel (Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)

Blake Strauts (BC Ferry Corp)

Allan Gartner (Engineering & Fire Services)

Jeffrey Rodd Moore (Honorary Consul of El Salvador)


Panama (Feb.20-Mar.2)

Chad Buch (Coquitlam Fire/Rescue)

Doran Boudrot (Nanaimo Fire/Rescue)

Jorgen Ponsien (Whitehorse Fire Department)

Abraham Monte De Ramos (City of Vancouver)

Kim Saulnier -One World Scholarhip Coordinator (Coquitlam Fire/Rescue)

Nolan Pick – (One World Scholarhip/JIBC)

Conrad Gallagher – (One World Scholarhip/JIBC)

Steve Oishi – (One World Scholarhip/JIBC)

Ben Gutowski – (One World Scholarhip/JIBC)