San Gil, Mar 13, Second Training Day

14 March, 2016 at 6:30 am

IMG_6450 Day two of training found us running a much smoother operation. All the groups of students were rotated to a new team of instructors for another intense day of learning.

One team had the opportunity to work on vehicle fire/auto ex scenarios, including driving the firetruck onto the scene, setting up lane plus one blocking, scene safety, and showing water! Many of these bomberos had never showed water before, and there were broad grins all around.
This was also the first time many had ever worn turnout gear, and the students were thrilled!
While the students had the highest respect for their instructors, they couldn’t help teasing their fearless gringo teacher about the hard earned coconut he managed to acquire the night before.

The second group learn everything we could teach them about ropes and knots. There were a 20160313_101439number of nurses in the group who knew nothing about the topic and were happy to learn. They were also happy with all the handouts we were able to provide….and one nurse in particular was thrilled at the inadvertent proposal from our instructor, who was only attempting to apologize for hitting her with the rope.

The third group had a chance to learn all about search and rescue. They had a great time, especially with the lifts and drags portion. Once we got them into turnout gear they were so excited we couldn’t get them to remove it. It was more than 35deg C and we had to beg them to take the gear off until they were ready to run through the scenario.

With the second day of training over, we went off on our next evening adventure.IMG_6445