San Gil, Mar 12, Evening wind down

13 March, 2016 at 8:35 pm

img_2162After finishing our first day of training, we went out and about for a debrief and de-stress.
Our first stop was the local watering hole. Intending to have a quiet wind down and a swim, we instead found ourselves in the middle of a lively fiesta, complete with a really fantastic live band. We took it all in stride and joined in the celebration.
From there we went to town square for supper, provided by one of the local street vendors. Shawn picked up a hacky sack for some entertainment, but we had to go, as we were late for our next event – a fashion show.
There was a bit of confusion once we arrived at the resort that was hosting the fashion show, and we ended up lost in their pool area. Seeing as we all had our swim gear on already, we hit the pool.
We eventually did find our way to the fashion show, which ended up being the last event of the evening.
From there it was back to the fire hall for some much needed sleep.img_2167