26 February, 2015 at 12:03 pm

Belize 2015 program hit the mid-week mark today. The course participants, all officers and sub-station officers seem to have hit their stride today, as have the logistics around the course. Everything is moving forward with momentum, as always in a training program running for five consecutive days, there will be challenges, but our FRITA instructors, the course participants, the Belize National Fire Service, and the British Army all continue to immediately pitch in to ensure the program is not impacted. In fact, most participants would likely not even realize the issues that have come up and been immediately addressed, amazing the level of support, buy-in, and teamwork going on!

Local media have been invited to observe the training sessions tomorrow afternoon, we all look forward to highlighting the level of skill and dedication that the members of the BNFS bring to serving their communities and country.

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