Belize 2015 – Day 2

24 February, 2015 at 12:19 pm

No Swimming…CROCODILES! So the team saw a crocodile on the way to training this morning in Belize, our excitement was dashed shortly thereafter by the course participants who laughed at us thinking a 6ft long crocodile was anything worth mentioning, apparently it was just a baby smile emoticon

Anyway, Day 2 of the FRITA training program in Belize went extremely well with participants rotating through the various sessions and the new burn building being put to its test. Lots of learning on both sides. The two members delivering mechanical training will be taking a group through the basics of Emergency Vehicle Operations tomorrow along with some basic preventative maintenance. As we have two reps from every fire station in the country, the hope is to have one from every fire hall attend so as to pass along the info to their respective crews.

Thanks again to the British Army (BATSUB) for their ongoing generosity and support throughout the training program.

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