Belize 2015 – Day 1

23 February, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Great start to the week working with the Fire Station Officers, Sub-Officers, and Leading Fireman of the Belize National Fire Service (BNSF). The BNSF use the British rank structure, so a Station Officer is equivalent to a Captain in North America and a Sub-Officer to a Lieutenant. Leading Fireman are the senior members qualified to act as a Sub-Officer but who have yet to be promoted.

VF&RS member and FRITA instructor Mike Canaday had pretty much free range at a vehicle scrap yard for the Auto-Ex Session today and all week long…lots of scenarios! In Belize what we in Vancouver call an MVI (Motor Vehicle Incident) is known as an RTA (Road Traffic Accident).

The props built on the weekend for the RIT and Fire Ground Survival Sessions held up well and presented the participants with challenges they enthusiastically embraced. Looking forward to tomorrow.