Colombia – Completed a 40 hour training program

21 February, 2014 at 2:21 pm

Colombia 2014: Our team of 4 instructors completed a 40 hour training program yesterday based out of the city of Barranquilla in the Atlantico State of Colombia. The program began on Sunday February 16 and finished with a day of live burn simulations on Thursday February 20. We had 48 Bomberos from the towns and cities of Barranquilla, Sabanalarga, Sabanagrande, Campo de la Cruz and several small rural fire stations attend the training program. Topics covered followed the Basic Fire Fighter Certificate Program as outlined by the JIBC: (Justice Institute of British Columbia) in areas of Ladders, Water Supply, Hose & Appliances, SCBA, Ventilation, and Personal Protective Equipment. The students also recieved training in Wildland Firefighting and defensive structural fire fitting tactics.

Brian Hutchinson