El Salvador – Thursday, Feb 20

20 February, 2014 at 1:54 pm

CBES had a well attended ceremony (firefighters, guests and media) to celebrate the organization’s 131st anniversary.  Again, we met the Minister of Gobernacion, as well as the Vice Minister, and also the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.  We were pleased that the Canadian Ambassador, Pierre Giroux, was in attendance to show his support and friendship.  In each speech that was given, we were mentioned and thanked.
In the evening, our team, my cousins, and all of the Salvadoran bomberos participating in our program, and the senior brass from CBES attended a beautiful, friendly and casual dinner at Ambassador Giroux’s Official Residence.  Again, the Minister of Gobernacion was in attendance – which counts three times he was with us during the week.
I believe this dinner “blew the socks off” everyone who came, and the evening will be long remembered.  The most beautiful aspect in my view, was that the Ambassador invited all the Salvadoran students – a true example of building bridges between the two countries.
Of special significance, the Ambassador said that he will personally look into ways of aiding our organization in the future.  We have a good history, with good results, and great interest – all done on a personal level.  Perhaps there is a chance to ramp this up even further using a focus on “disaster relief”.

Jeffrey Moore